Hello, welcome to my blog. I’ve been traveling in Brazil for a month now and today I’m flying back to the cold lands of the maple syrup. It’s going to be different this time, I’ll be working for the same company I used to work for, here in Brazil. No more ESL fun. The company is located in Sao Paulo but I’ll be working in Toronto. That’s right, Offshoring! Why? For 2 simply reasons: I decided to live in Canada for awhile and they still need my dirty work. I’m responsible for a Windows-based application that sells and manages thousands of concert tickets every day to happy fans around the country. It costs a lot of time, money and effort to hire and teach somebody else. My client, a competitor of TicketMaster in Brazil called Ingresso Rápido, has been lonely for the last 6 months while I was eating poutine. Yeah, this is going to be a very good and exciting experience for me.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Sao Paulo city and my primary school was a straight catholic school of nuns in downtown. No need to say that school life wasn’t easy. If you’ve also been to one like that, let’s share our experiences and laugh about it.. or cry. In my first year of high school, thanks to my cousin Mauro who introduced me his XT 286 and soon 386, I started to get involved in computers. This was in 1996. At this stage, students could go through 2 different paths: Either focusing in general classes only, like history, math, science, geography.. or taking professional skills classes plus basic general classes. And the nuns’ school definitely didn’t have the second option, so I drop it. In 1999, I’ve graduated of computer data processing studies from a very cool high school full of pretty girls but unfortunately, didn’t score a single one. From that moment on, software development became my passion and I decided to pursue the career.

Update (now in Canada):
I went to Toronto for the first time in 2006. Been living in a different country with different language and such multiculturalism, I can tell how exciting and challenge this is. The combination of that and the experience I’ll get, is what drags me away from my motherland and keeps me here up until now.

soccer in toronto
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