JavaScript: .trim() does not work in Safari

The reason why trim() doesn’t work in Safari is because this function was only added in JavaScript 1.8.1 for Firefox 3.5. As well as trimLeft(), and trimRight(). As you can see in the JavaScript Reference. Safari’s engine known as Apple Safari 4’s Nitro differs from Mozilla’s TraceMonkey implementation.

I’m sure everybody, one day, passed through this problem. And to fix it, you need to develop your own trimming functionality or use a library like jQuery for example.

UPDATE: Newer versions of Safari will do the trim automatically.

jQuery defines a trim function that you can use like this:

    $.trim(" test ")

And here is the implementation of this function (inside jQuery):

    .toString().replace(/^\s+/, "").replace(/\s+$/, "")

So you can use that for Safari, here’s an example of its use:

<script  type="text/javascript">

    alert(" test ".toString().replace(/^\s+/, "").replace(/\s+$/, ""));

    //displays: test


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