Extending LINQ

When working with LINQ, you’ll probably face the situation where you need to do some calculations behind during a query.

The way you do this is extending System.Collections.IEnumerable. The code blow is an example of how to implement and to use this extension method.

static class LINQExtension
    internal static List GetPrices(this System.Collections.IEnumerable source,
        Func selector = null)
        if (source.Count() == 0)
            return new List();

        if (selector != null)
            source = source.Where(selector);

        var query = from p in source
                    select new Price
                         HighestPrice = p.HighestPrice,
                         LowestPrice = p.LowestPrice

        return query.ToList();

I need to elaborate more this topic, but here’s the utilization:

var prices = from p in products
             select p
                   ProductID = p.ProductID,
                   CategoryID = p.CategoryID,
                   Name = p.Name,

                   Prices = products.GetPricesPerStore(x => x.ProductID == p.ProductID)

return prices.ToList();

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