Adding XSL-FO intellisense to Visual Studio 2010

Detailed steps on how to add XSL-FO intellisense in Visual Studio. Visual Studio uses the XSL-FO Schema to enable intellisense in the XML/XSLT editor. Find and download the XSL-FO schema file online (fo.xsd). Try here or here Open it in notepad for editing. Remove lines from 5 to 9 regarding the <xs:annotation> tag. This tag causes an […]

Button.PostBackUrl + OnClick

Problem: Setting PostBackUrl stops the click event from firing. In other words, the server-side OnClick event is not fired before the URL of the web page (set by the PostBackUrl property) posts to when the button is clicked. Scenario: FormA is going to run the code behind and take the user to FormB when clicking […]