From 2003 to 2012, I had followed the evolution of C# very closely. Along with database development and T-SQL, I have developed and deployed software on Desktop and Web Servers in many different business areas.

When back-end, front-end and devops engineers were all the same thing.

In 2013, I got more involved with UI and the entertainment industry. Since then, I have applied the principles of software engineering to JavaScript to enable beautiful apps on Browsers, Mobiles, Desktops, Smart TVs, Game consoles and other devices.

JavaScript is a fun language. It’s dynamic, flexible, simple and yet very powerful.

Priorities for my career are: Work on products that make a positive difference to the world. Have autonomy and freedom to influence UX. Surround myself with smart and motivated individuals.

I built my first app, a game of cards called Truco, in my first year of highschool.

That year, I decided to drop the regular school and take a Data Processing diploma from a professional school, which at the time was an alternative to the regular curriculum that students like me would mostly opt to take.

Before I could graduate, I had to switch schools again. I was “asked to leave” by the principal, for hacking. I exploited a series of security issues in the school’s network system and gained access to servers that exposed all students login and password.

Don’t you think I should have received an award instead?

After that, I went to study Computer Science for 4 years and received a bachelor’s degree from PUC-SP and the champion title in Truco.

I worked for many years as a developer for IR, a ticket seller company that grew exponentially and allowed me to work off-shore (remotely).

In 2006, I went to Canada as an ESL student. I got my first work-visa in 2008 from a program the government no longer maintains for IT professionals. Eventually I got a permanent-visa and became a Canadian citizen in 2014.