How Technology shaped my career

My first contact with computers was through my older cousin, Mauro. I remember watching him type DOS commands and play 5¼-inch floppy disk games on a 286, then 386, then 486 machines, year after year. I have to thank him for my involvement in computers. When computers became less expensive, my parents bought me a PC. It […]

Samsung Smart TV’s HTML app with AngularJS

If you haven’t checked out my previous post about developing a Chrome cast custom receiver app with AngularJS, click here. Angular JS framework into Samsung Smart TV is very much possible as well. I’m making available a project that you can use to get started with navigating , selecting and focusing on objects on screen. It’s […]

Chromecast receiver app development with AngularJS

Despite what everyone will tell you, AngularJS just happens to be an excellent tool for developing Chromecast receiver apps because Angular is lightweight and it’s essentially a great tool for Single Page Applications, which is exactly what a custom receiver app is. If this is your first time with Chromecast, I suggest you read more about it here before […]

Prevent caching on Chromecast receiver app

This article intends to assist on enabling and disabling cache on a Google cast custom receiver application. During development, we don’t want the Chrome cast dongle to cache our receiver app because during this phase we are constantly making changes and we want those changes to immediately reflect on the Chrome cast session for testing […]

Web Server not serving certain file types

Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) will not return file types that are not added to the <staticContent> element or that have mappings in the <handlers> element by default. This behavior prevents unauthorized access to files that do not have mappings in the IIS configuration settings. The message returned is: “The resource you are looking […]