Using AutoCompleteExtender to the fullest

Ajax Control Toolkit website gives us a very simple example of how to use the AutoComplete Extender. Here I show you several examples of how to use it in different applications. To makes things easy, I start with the basic one, “out of the box”. Then, I add more functionality to it. 1) Basic one, […]

Use SimpleMembership and OAuth with mySQL and bigint or any database and datatype you want

How to use SimpleMembership and OAuth with mySQL or any database you want and have the user’s primary key (UserId) set to unsigned bigint or any datatype in a nutshell: 1) Download the assembly source code. 2) Modify. 3) Resign. 4) Recompile. SimpleMembership source code is located at Steps in details: Download the source code. […]

jQuery Plugin – fabio.tabs.js

I’ve been in the back-end for years. But today my choices have changed a bit. I’m no designer and always use pre-made templates when building web apps; however, CSS and HTML is becoming more and more part of my daily commitments. I’ve always been writing Javascript and jQuery code that can be reused, although I […]